Most of us have those little tabs or fobs on our keyrings.  They help identify which is ours and which is 'theirs' or they support a cause or advertise a business.  They're made of metal or rubber or plastic and printed with a design that wears off.  

Why not have one with your favorite dog breed or cause or farm animal EMBROIDERED ON HEAVY DUTY MARINE VINYL?  Or better yet, an embroidered design of YOUR dog?  Not cartoon dogs, but realistic ones embroidered with sun and water resistant polyester thread on heavy weight marine vinyl with an attached heart shape key ring.  Each fob is made to order, not off the shelf and generic.  So realistic you can feel the fur of your favorite dog or breed.  

A custom design made from YOUR photograph is $20.  Commemorate a beloved furkid and carry them with you always.   I do breed specific realistic designs, not just drawings.    I do ship world-wide, but the shipping costs will depend on the receiving country.  Each fob is made when ordered, there is no ‘in-stock’ supply.

I also have embroidery designs, check them out as well.

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