We all have keys.  Keys for the cars, the house, the shed, the garage, etc.  Keeping them organized and contained attractively becomes a challenge at times.   Most of us have fobs on those key rings.  Little tabs or tags that designate them as yours; easy to find and distinguish them from ‘his’.  I make them.  One at a time.  Two layers of heavy marine vinyl embroidered with sun and water resistant polyester thread and a sturdy HEART SHAPE split ring attached.  

A custom design made from YOUR photograph is $14-$18 depending on the complexity.  Commemorate a beloved furkid and carry them with you always.   I also do breed specific realistic designs, not just drawings.  A stock design is $10.  I do ship world-wide, but the shipping costs will depend on the receiving country.  Each fob is made when ordered, there is no ‘in-stock’ supply.

Don’t wait until Christmas to order!  They take time to make and ship.

I’ve gone to the dogs!

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